Meet the Miss Britt Boats


Miss Cheyenne
Miss Britt I
Miss Britt II
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**Please Note – we DO NOT offer split trip charters at this time.  Please do not call to ask.

Please Call between the hours of 8:30 am – 6 p.m. for other questions regarding your trip.

Our vessels are U.S.C.G. approved for up to 6 passengers.  For comfort, we suggest up to 4 peopl on the Miss Cheyenne, 5 people on the Miss Britt I, and for trips with 6 passengers the large Miss Britt II is the best fit.

The most recent addition to our fleet is the Miss Cheyenne, a 26′ Goldline center console. The next largest, the Miss Britt I, is a custom built 34′ Express. Lastly, the Miss Britt II is a 43′ custom built Jim Bacle (Torres hull) made specifically for tournament fishing in south florida.

Trips rates on the Miss Cheyenne start at $650 for a half day trip to nearby reefs, the Miss Britt I starts at $750 and the largest Miss Britt II starts at $850..

Miss Cheyenne

miss-cheyenne2 The Miss Cheyenne is a 26′ Goldline center console that has been customized for all our offshore fishing needs.  It is perfectly suited to chase tarpon and trout in the bay, or hunt marlin and swordfish 20 miles offshore.

Miss Britt I

lil-britt-miamifishingThe Miss Britt 1 is a custom built 34′ Express. This boat was designed with one thing in mind, fishing. The Miss Britt 1 has all the amenities of her big sister, the Miss Britt II, while offering the fun and intimacy of a smaller fishing boat.

Miss Britt II

miss-britt-miamifishing-43No expense was spared in the design of Miss Britt II. This ultimate fishing machine is a custom built 43′ Jim Bacle (Torres) specifically designed for South Florida tournament fishing.

This 43′ fishing machine is always staffed with full gear, and a top notch crew.

The mates and co-captains aboard the Miss Britt are always incredibly knowledgeable of the local fishery, and seasonal considerations.  Live bait is generally caught on a regular basis to ensure finding those exciting target pelagic species off the coast of Miami.

Capt. Ray and Team have many professional affiliations and sponsors including RayMarine.  Capt. Ray describes kitefishing aboard the Miss Britt fleet in the video below.

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