50Lb Bull Mahi, and the Fastest Fish in the Ocean

Capt. Charlie did a great post on “What it’s all about”, and I couldn’t agree more.

I opted to do the video version of the story this time around (see bottom of the post). We were lucky enough to capture the experience of two big dolphin being gaffed, and the 3 minutes of mayhem as they were at the boat.

Truly great to be able to spend time doing your favorite thing with some of your favorite people. The celebration in the video kind of sums up a pretty awesome friday afternoon. Also pretty glad we got to see the look on Capt. Scott’s face when he saw the first jump from that big bully mahi. He did an amazing job raising 15+Lb fish on very light tackle. Did I also mention he keeps us operational and is a pro at marine surveys in Miami? Thanks Scott!

Maritza caught her first sailfish, after having one charge us and break the line. Luckily we got the whole thing on video, and she caught the next one – her first billfish along with a nice blackfin tuna topped off the trip. She finally warmed up to touching pilchards as well.



group photo

trophy dock shot
giant mahi 2

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