Team Miss Britt Contender Win the Sailfish Challenge and $174,310!

Team Miss Britt / Contender, led by Captain Ray Rosher and Matt Neber, the lead designer of the 39′ Fisharound Boat, built by Contender Boats, released 16 of 16 sailfish successfully in their win at the 3 inlet Sailfish Challenge put on by Bluewater Movements.  The team’s release total was double that of the nearest competitor among the 64 boats in the tournament’s fleet. The win was capped off by victories in the top male, female, master angler category resulting in a paycheck of $174,310.

The team successfully netted $174,310 in prize money after 13 sailfish releases on day 1 on of the tournament, and an additional 3 releases on a slow day 2.

Stephanie Choate, of – caught 9 of the team’s sailfish, and  cleaned up in the angler category winning the Top Female Angler trophy as well as the Master Angler trophy for the top overall angler in the tournament. Even more impressive, Stephanie has on the top female angler category in all three legs of the Quest for the Crest series this year.  Matt Bierly caught 4 fish, and brought home the top male angler award for his efforts.

The 39′ FA boat has been heralded by those who have fished it, and exemplifies the finely tuned details that helped Contender Boats to win the boat builder challenge trophy for 2017.  Contender racked up the most boat builder points from Joe Neber’s Contender One – a 39ST co-sponsored by Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, and several other Contender boats that scored highly in the the tourney.

By noon on Day 1, Miss Britt Contender had already released 11 sailfish between Lake Worth Pier and Palm Beach Inlet. They released two more fish in the afternoon to win the daily with 13 releases; six better than the next closest team. As it turns out, they could have stayed home on Day 2 and still finished with enough releases to win the whole tournament, however, they added three more on Day 2 for the 16 fish total.

Capt. Ray Rosher brought his team one step closer to wearing burgundy jackets in the quest for the crest 4 tournament sailfish championship series.

Another interesting twist is the Father / Son tie in the overall standings with one tournament left in the 4 tournament Quest for the Crest Series.  Joe Neber’s Contender One is in a tie for 3rd place with his son Matt Neber’s Miss Britt Contender.

Capt. Ray would also like to thank his sponsors:

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