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We offer a variety of charter packages to meet the needs of all anglers. Specialty trips are available and we encourage you to get in touch to learn more about the versatility of our vessel and fishing techniques. For the most part – a full day charter is your best bet for catching a variety of species and targeting big game.

**Please Note – we DO NOT offer split trip charters at this time.
Please do not call to ask.

Please call between the hours of 8:30 am – 6 p.m. for other questions regarding your trip.

Trips and Rates:

** $150 Deposit required at time of booking for all charters**

Miss Cheyenne

Miss Britt I

Miss Britt II

Half Day $650 $750 $850
3/4 Day (Reef) $800 $900 $1050
3/4 Day (Offshore) $900 $1000 $1150
Full Day (Reef) $950 $1100 $1300
Full Day (Offshore) $1050 $1200 $1400
Tarpon $600 $700 $800
Sailfish/Tarpon Combo $1200 $1350 $1550
Swordfish (8 hour) $1150 $1300 $1500
Swordfish (12 hour) $1500 $1750 $2050
12 Hour Extended $1500 $1750 $2050


1/2 Day Charters (4 hours) Starting at $650
3/4 Day Charters (6 hours) STARTING at $800

Both our 1/2 day and 3/4 day charters enable us to fish “the edge” for sailfish, kingfish, the occasional mahi-mahi, and tuna. We fish from Key Biscayne south to the ledges and reefs off Elliott Key and will venture offshore to look for dolphin if time permits. Reef trips are also available on 3/4 day charters. The trip is actually five hours as it takes us about 30 minutes to catch bait for the trip and travel to the fishing grounds. We leave the dock promptly at 7:00 and return at 2p.m.

Full Day Charters (8 hours) Starting at $950

Full day charters provide enough time to target multiple species and travel longer distances. With the extra time, our vessel is able to travel to less pressured fishing grounds – affording anglers the opportunity to chase fish which are less wary of the fleet. On a typical day (also depending on wind and the bite) we run offshore in search of dolphin, troll our way back to the edge, and then deploy kites to catch the afternoon bite. We adapt to the season and plan our day around the most productive form of fishing to ensure our anglers maximize their time on the water. If there is a specific species you would prefer to target, let us know and we will adapt our destinations to suit your desire.

Tuna Excursion

4-8 hours – Starting at $650 – Available April, May, June

Blackfin tuna arrive in massive numbers from April through June. We do our best to load up on bait before our anglers arrive, but we often dedicate at least an hour to loading up the wells with our anglers on board. Once we catch hundreds of baitfish by sabikiing or cast netting baits, we head out to “the edge” off Fowey Rocks and other reef lines and begin live chumming until the sun gets low. If the weather permits, we bring a stainless steel custom made grill so we can enjoy seared tuna on the ride back to the dock!

Daytime Swordfishing Charter

8 or 12 hours – Starting at $1150

To learn more about our daytime swordfishing techniques and experience, please visit our daytime swordfishing page. This is not a trip for novice anglers as it can often take quite a while to get a bite – and once that bite comes you are in for a helluva fight! Expect to catch one or two fish on this trip – with fish weighing anywhere from 80lbs – 300lbs.

Night Time Swordfishing Charter

8 or 12 hours – Starting at $1150

This is one of our favorite trips! We leave the dock in the evening to reach the sword grounds just as the sun is setting. Upon arrival to the sword grounds, we make one or two daytime drops and occasionally get lucky! Otherwise, we set out a spread of five rods at different intervals in the water column, drifting specially rigged/dyed squids to entice a frisky swordfish. This is truly a unique miami fishing experience and one that is very pleasurable.

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