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miami-fishing-marauder-venice-yellowfin-tunaThe Marauder is a Miami fishing charter boat owned and operated by Capt. Charlie Ellis and Todd Malicoat. As a team, Charlie and Todd have fished around the world in pursuit of big game sportfish including marlin, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, swordfish, and sharks. Their experience both inshore and offshore make them extremely well rounded anglers with the technical experience to target any pelagic species.

miami-pilchardsCharlie and Todd are passionate about offshore, inshore, big game, light tackle – well, just about any kind of fishing you can think of. They are both avid scuba divers, spearfishermen, photographers, and artists – subscribing to a lifestyle philosophy centered on freedom, integrity, honesty, and adventure.

Combined, they have traveled over 100,000 miles across four continents and toured over twenty countries. Their maritime experience has taken them from the Florida Keys to the southern islands of the Phillippines to Tsukiji, Japan and extensively across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Learn more about the crew of the Marauder below:

Capt. Charlie J. Ellis

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 152lbs
Largest fish caught: 500+ lb hammerhead
Weirdest fish caught: Oarfish
Favorite fish to catch: Swordfish
Toughest fish: Bluefin Tuna 

Owning and operating a fishing charter in Miami Florida is a dream come true. I was corrupted at an early age watching my fishing hero’s on ESPN outdoors wrangle saltwater species of every variety – and from the time I landed my first fish at age 4 I knew there was nothing else I’d rather do with my life. I grew up fishing the Chesapeake Bay for stripers and bluefish and took every chance I could get to find my way offshore out of Ocean City, MD in pursuit of bluefin tuna and the infamous white marlin. Having spent every summer of my life living in Florida catching snook, tarpon, redfish, and grouper – it was literally a matter of time before I made a permenant transition to the sunshine state.  In 2004, I moved to Florida to finish my degree at the University of Miami and wound up spending more time chasing bonefish, sailfish, swordfish, and tarpon than I ever did mastering the intricacies of marketing/advertising. Needless to say, it was inevitable I would wind up in professional pursuit of finned quarry.

I have fished around the world in search of the fiercest pelagic predators and have employed nearly every fishing technique you can think of – successfully. I am fortunate to have mentored under some of the greatest fishermen from Miami to the Keys and learned the skill sets needed to consistently produce epic days of fishing for my friends and customers.  I pride myself on integrity, professionalism, and knowledge – as these are the traits I admired in my fishing hero’s and many of the legends I am now proud to fish beside on a daily basis.

I am most skilled at kite fishing for sailfish/mahi-mahi/tuna but excel at night drifting and deep dropping for swordfish. I consider the swordfish to be the most fierce warrior in the ocean – it is also the most elusive and challenging to land successfully. I take every opportunity I can to pursue the true gladiator of the sea and invite you to join me in my quest to catch one larger than 500lbs.

I have been driving boats since I was 7, am a fully insured USCG licensed captain, avid scuba diver/spearfisherman, former Emergency Medical Technician, Entrepreneur, and adventure seeker.

I put the safety of my crew before anything else.

When I’m not on the water, I am avidly working with clients to improve the profitability of their digital marketing initiatives through my consulting firm Gallant Fish Internet Marketing.

Capt. Todd “stuntdubl” Malicoat


Humboldt Squid in San Diego California

Amberjack in Islamorada, FL with B 'n M

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 158lbs
Largest fish caught: 327lb Blue Marlin  **I wish they would have released her.
Weirdest fish: Humboldt Squid
Toughest fish:
Yellowfin Tuna
Favorite fish: Tuna

I remember catching perch under the cut in Quanicassee Michigan at a very young age.  My father would always take me for perch, blue gill, crappie, and bass throughout the state for the first 10 years or so of my life.  As I got older, the search for salmon, steelhead, pike, and other larger more elusive fish became my outdoorsman goals.

Somewhere in between, I had the luxury of saltwater fishing near my grandparents home in Bradenton Florida every Christmas when we would visit.  I learned about the saltwater species with a passionate fervor – studying my grandfather’s species identification books, and dreaming of catching them all.  Snapper, grouper, sheepshead,  sea trout, sea bass, snook, tarpon, permit, grunts, jacks, and many other “trash fish” that I was enamored with were on the list of fish we would catch every year from the little 14 ft boston whaler we’d ride around tampa bay.  Now the dream of that pursuit has become a reality, and I plan to do it for as long as possibly can.

Blue Marlin

I’m here 20 years later with the means to run a charter operation in beautiful Miami Florida, and loving every moment of this dream I’m living.  At this point in the bio, I’d like to thank all the important people who made this dream possible – I hope you know who you are (and will join me on the boat).


When I’m not fishing, I’m probably teaching SEO at MarketMotive.com , or working on a website.

Blackfin tuna in Miami FLYou can follow the catch report and some random SEO bits on twitter: http://todd.at/twitter or we can even be facebook friends http://todd.at/facebook

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