Scomberomorus cavalla —  World’s IGFA Record: 93 Lbs

Catch trophy Kingfish off Miami, FL

We love kingfishing – this is the most sustainable and consistent bite in the waters off Miami. No matter what time of year, kingfish can be found cruising “the edge” or lurking around deep water reefs picking off baitfish and smaller mackerel. Kingfish is a local favorite to target on the troll, fishing planer boards to present baits at depth. Aboard the Miss Britt, we prefer to kite fish for kingfish, because big kings will literally torpedo themselves out of the water to crush a helpless kite bait. “Kingfish torpedos” are an amazing spectacle as these toothed predators can leap up to ten feet out of the water, chomping their jaws the entire time!

Miami Kingfish | Kingfish Charters Miami

To catch kingfish in Miami we use wire leaders usually with a trailing stinger hook to ensure that “cut offs” turn into hookups. When other pelagic gamefish refuse to cooperate, kingfish are readily available and provide for a day of steady action. It’s common to catch kingfish up to 20 pounds while fishing off Miami with the occasional 30 to 40 pounder mixed in.

Kingfish can also be caught while reef fishing for other species. We set out two rods while fishing reefs with live baits suspended in the middle of the water column – exactly where kingfish lurk. Kingfish are fierce predators and Miami is home to a variety of kingfish tournaments, which means big money for boats who specialized in capturing these fierce mackerels. The Miss Britt crew has extensive experience catching kingfish while kite fishing, trolling, and reef fishing, but we prefer to target big kingfish by using large baits, usually blue runners or goggle eyes.

While they don’t make for the greatest table fare when frozen, fresh kingfish is actually pretty tasty when grilled, blackened, or pan seared with lemon, butter, and herbs. Like mackerel, they smoke incredibly well and make some of the best fish dip you can get! Its common for anglers to refer to big kingfish as “smokers”. Be sure to check out our kingfish fish dip recipe on the blog!

If kingfishing is your game or you’re looking to test your angling skills against one of the fiercest mackerels in the ocean, book a half day charter now! Got questions about the best season to catch kingfish, feel free to call or email Ray or Charmain.