Thunnus thynnus — World’s IGFA Record: 1,496 Lbs

Tuna Fishing in Miami, FL – Kite Fishing for Blackfin Tuna

Tuna fishing in Miami is extremely exciting.  While yellowfins are extremely scarce in these waters, blackfin tuna are plentiful during the spring and summer months – with the peak of the season in May.

Blackfin Tuna are vicious predators and hunt for food mainly at the surface when the light is dim (early morning or late afternoon).

The preferred way to catch blackfin tuna in Miami is by kite fishing – either early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Our twilight tuna trips are PERFECT for targeting this sashimi grade species and its not uncommon to catch a half dozen or more!  The trick to catching blackfin tuna is to load up on bait and use “live chum”.  In order to accomplish this, significant time must be invested catching lots of disposable bait.  Light to moderate winds are preferable in order to maximize the performance of the kites.

We typically fish four kite baits during our tuna trips while pitching dozens of “chummers’ off the stern.  Once the fish find the chum the rage begins! It’s common to see blackfins bolting across the surface, leaping out of the water, and crashing baits suspended from the kite.

We deploy flat lines as soon as the bite is on and keep our anglers focused on cranking in the tuna while we work to keep the fish near the boat.

Because blackfin tuna travel in schools, they tend to eat voraciously until all the bait is gone.  If the live chum stops – the fish usually break away and head elsewhere into the abyss.

Blackfin Tuna fishing in Miami, FL

The bite is usually limited to an hour and a half before dark or from just before dawn to an hour after.

Blackfin tuna fishing is ideal for a half day Miami fishing charter, but to truly take advantage of the bite, again, time must be spent catching bait.  Without lots of live bait it is unlikely we can lure the tuna to the surface.  For an additional fee, we will go out before your trip and load up on bait so you can hop aboard and get to the fish faster.  To inquire about having bait ready for your trip  just give us a call!

We’re happy to take care of the hard work for you so you can spend more time on the reel battling blackfin tunas off the coast of Miami!