Mahi Mahi Fishing off Miami Produces a Big Cow!

Mahi Mahi FIshing Miami in the Wintertime

Yesterday’s sailfish bite was non-existent. We ran south to Triumph Reef to fish alongside the fleet competing in the 2013 Reef Cup.  We arrived to a strong NW wind, choppy seas, blue water…and no current. There must have been two dozen boats dragging a live ballyhoo buffet without one bite. We put up our spread anyway and drifted all the way to the Sir Scott without a single bite.  Not even a spooked goggle eye.   We picked up and ran to the Pioneer, but the wind died as soon as we dropped the sea anchor. Without the wind, we switched tactics, put out the flat lines and worked a nice current rip holding sea grass around 120′.

Fortunately, the current line held two floaters – a large 2X4 and an oil drum which had obviously been at sea for some time.  We caught small dolphin off the floaters but the school quickly disappeared. Making our way north, we found another edge in 150′ near the Ultra Freeze.  With the wind just strong enough to fly our ultra light kites, we managed to deploy the spread once again.  This time, the left middle bait gets slammed and a big Cow goes leaping into the distance.  Todd was quick with the camera and nabbed a few awesome aerial shots!


Mahi Mahi FIshing Miami in January

Mahi Mahi Fishing Miami with Live Bait

Jumping Mahi Mahi off Miami

Hopefully with a bit more current the sailfish bite will pick up again soon.  The recent NorthEast winds and cold snap should get them fired up – looking forward to some more action in the next few days.

Capt. Charlie Ellis

Capt. Charlie Ellis

Captain at Miami Fishing Charters LLC
Capt. Charlie Ellis of Miami, FL has 25 years experience fishing for big game species like Bluefin Tuna, Sailfish, Swordfish, and Sharks. Capt. Charlie is also an avid scuba diver, world traveler, writer, and entrepreneur.
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