Summer Trolling for Mahi-Mahi & Day-Dropping for Swordfish

The summer dolphin bite is in full effect.  Miami, and the Florida keys are alive with large schools of mahi-mahi.  All three boats in the fleet have been regularly catching fish from 3-10 lbs, schoolies, and “heavy lifters” are caught daily, with the occasional “slammer”, and lots of gaffers.

The colors on mahi-mahi are always spectacular, and it makes for a nice day for beginners or seasoned anglers a like.  Come catch a few nice mahi, and have Monty’s cook your catch lunch for you.  Nothing hits the spot quite like a cold drink and some fresh fish on these very hot days in south florida.

If you’re looking for the “big one”,  there have been some swordfish biting.  While it is a “higher risk/reward” type of trip, sword fishing can be extremely exciting when that bait gets bit.  Day-dropping has produced some large fish in Miami, and you’re always one trip away from a great fish story.

The great news, is while you’re out in pursuit of that swordfish, you’ll likely see lots of mahi trolling out and back.   There’s nothing like trolling up a mahi that is being followed by dozens, or hundreds of other nice fish.

Capt. Ray Rosher talks with Fly Navarro about trolling with Japanese feather trolling lures.  Mahi Magnet fishing lures are available at R&R Fishing Tackle.

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