Stuntdubl’s Weekly Miami Fishing Report #1

I’ve been getting more serious about my fishing game over the last three years.  What started as a friendly hobby has turned into a full blown angling addiction.  The website is up, and we’ve caught multiple fish.  It’s no longer time for practice.  It’s time to catch fish.

Sailfish are around, as well as blackfin tuna.  The bait has been consistent, and our electronics are all systems go thanks to a small fuse and an amazing mechanic.  We have no stereo just yet, but the Marauder is built as the fish slaughterer – entertainment is optional.  We’re consistently getting nice sandwich size dolphin (mahi for you non-florida types).   Every trip is an investment, and learning experience.  I’ll keep showing up for practice, and we’ll be ready to catch you a fish when you show up for gameday.

We learned an expensive lesson about not flying kites in a thunderstorm (along with some other folks in the fleet rumor has it), as well as how to re-rig a kite reel with floss loops from Super Mario.  Fishing is all about the details, and we continue to refine the basics as well as improve and update our techniques.

I think next week’s roundup will include quite a few more fish photos…here’s the highlights from our first week of operation.

Got a nice video of Noah getting after a nice big barracuda.

Come and join us for a trip aboard the Marauder.


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