Marauder Fishing Enters the 2012 Grove Slam Dolphin Tournament

I’m going crazy with anticipation of joining the festivities at this year’s Grove Slam in Coconut Grove, Florida. The dolphin fishing has been nothing short of exceptional the past few weeks and i’m sure with the current weather forecast the fishing will be out of control. The talented crew of Ocean Promotions spared no expense this year putting together an all-start line up of bikini clad liquor promotion girls and awesome prizes.

Total payout this year is $10,000 sponsored by SeaVee Boats – with a plethora of prizes and free schwag for everyone registered. I’m most excited for the helicopter photography tomorrow! It will be the first aerial footage of the Marauder in action – and Todd managed to put together some new shirts just for the occasion!

Captain’s meeting starts tonight with a Luau Kickoff and then we’re back to the dock to reinstall our SIMRAD unit. The gentlemen over at Commercial Marine Electronics Repair in Pompano Beach hooked it up – although they weren’t able to retrieve our data the unit is still in fully functional condition. We’ve got a few ideas for our fishing itinerary saturday, and the report from the Top Gun arrived to my cell phone just a few minutes ago – Dolphin widespread in the offshore region.

Our plan is to load up on pilchards, blue runners, and cigar minnows friday afternoon so we’re well prepared for the early departure on Saturday. My game plan is to run south and troll a fresh spread offshore in search of floaters or grass patches. With a wave height of 0 and a wind speed of 0.1knts i’m sure we’ll have a fair shot at rounding up some frisky mahi mahi. I’m not confident we can bet on landing one large fish to win it all – so we’re shooting for quality + quantity as the winning combination.

This year’s tournament is significantly more high-stakes than years past. Tournament Director Tony Albelo managed to work a deal for the $1Million Dollar Mahi. The crew of the Miss Britt (possible the most bad ass charter outfit in south florida) went out wednesday and tagged three dolphin – one of which is carrying a tag worth $1,000,000.00 USD. While the odds of catching that fish are slim and none – the possibility is tantalizing to say the least.

We’re gearing up tonight and tomorrow for the event so we’ll be milling around the dock parties after the captain’s meeting at 7p.m. considering the aerial photo shoot leaves at 10am. tomorrow right outside our channel – i’m sure we’ll be right in line for some amazing footage. I can’t wait!

Tight Lines,

Capt. Charlie and Stuntdubl

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