May 6, 2012 Offshore Fishing Report Miami – Catching Dolphin Sans Electronics

Catching fish isn’t really as easy as they make it look on Sun sports channel.   It’s not even as easy as guys like Cap’n Nel Martinez make it look.  Like nearly anything worth doing, it’s a very strategic process that takes years of experience to get really good at.  We definitely logged some hours and caught some fish this past weekend despite our malfunctioning SIMRAD CA44.  The bite was slow, but we did see signs of life.  We saw several very large sea turtles – unfortunately with no cobia or other edible pelagics swimming with them.  The days were long, but we caught a couple nice dolphin sandwiches, and a pretty beasty barracuda. which young Noah Prince did a fantastic job battling to the boat.

Barracuda fishing in Miami

Noah's Big Cuda


Dad got in on the action as well, catching a nice  dolphin trolling the edge with our kites.

Dolphin Fishing in Miami, FL

Schoolie mahi-mahi are starting to show up in good numbers but many of them are smaller than the legal limit.  Bait has been relatively consistent at bug light – small pilchards and cigar minnows readily available.  We’ve had success catching dozens of medium sized threadfin herring inside government cut as well.

Special thanks To Brian and Noah Prince for joining the crew of the Marauder on a beautiful day at sea.

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